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Dry Cleaner Softwware for $49 per month
Complete POS System for $99 per month
Save up to $1,000 on Platinum Package

Faster Drop Off
Process a customer in less than 20 sec.
Easy to Learn
Teach your employee in 30 min. or less
The right solution for Multi-Store, Auto-Assembly
Instant Support
Online or Remotely we’re ready to help
You'll Do Better
“You see... the better YOU do the better WE do”

Instant Support

Get answers online, by phone, on site or by remote connection, either way technical support it's only a click way!


Complete Software to manage your store!
Delivery, Billing, Tagging, Barcoding, Camera support, Credit Card and more

Watch Video

Watch Demonstration of how easy and efficient EnlitePOS for Dry Cleaning is.