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  • Integrated Automated Conveyer System (White Conveyer, MetalProgetti, HMC)
  • On-Screen Multi-store Control.
  • Garment History
  • Database Backup
  • Secure VPN connection.
  • Snapshot screen shows:
    - the number of Garments Dropped and Due, separated by D for Dry Cleaning, L for Laundry and U from undetailed tickets (quick drops pcs).
    - Garment Due Summary shows total number of pieces due today, tomorrow, the next 2 days and most important pieces that Over Due.
    - Garment Drop shows how many garment have been dropped Today and the total of all garments not ready yet.
  • Easily Search Garment (garment name, color, designer, shape, notes, customer name, partial barcode)
  • Fully Automated and Semi-Automated Assemble Support.
  • Garment Management Reports
  • Access to store data
  • Heat-Seal Barcoding Due and Undetailed tickets.
  • Click here to Learn More about Assembly Automation